See Kai Run. See Kai Eat.

Eat, Run, Repeat.

Failsauce January 4, 2010

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My calendar had December 27th marked for the start of marathon training.  But that plan fell apart before it even began.  Not because of the holiday season, not because of injuries, not because of the negative windchills and lack of sunlight (well, maybe a little because of negative windchills).

No, here is the real reason my marathon training suddenly took a nosedive:

More Treats Please?

A dog racing track in Wisconsin (Dairyland) recently closed, and hundreds of greyhounds have been coming off the track homeless.  They’re sweet, quiet, low-maintenance dogs which seemed like a perfect compromise between what I wanted (a big dog) and what Husband wanted (a small, perfectly controlled robot dog).  A bit of research, some adoption applications, and BAM!  We ended up adopting Molly (known in her previous racing career as Juicy Fruit).

She’s in a foster home right now to get a headstart on her training, and is coming home next week.  Despite popular opinion, greyhounds are not running dogs at all – at least not for any kind of distances.  Molly here, for example, likes to bounce around for 5 minutes and then splay out on the floor for a nap.  So I’m going to have to make some adjustments to my running schedule, since I’ll have to factor in dog-walking time as well.

I may downgrade to the half, I may run the full on a different, easier plan, I may postpone my marathon plans for 2010…who knows?  It’s really too bad Pfitz doesn’t call for dog-cuddling in his plan.


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