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Treadmill, Dreadmill January 19, 2009

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Woe is me, I have been confined to the treadmill.  With temperatures in the negative double digits (that’s not factoring in the windchill) and intermittent blizzards, I have zero desire to step outside and break an ankle and/or lose half my face to frostbite.  I have a treadmill in the apartment, so all I have to do is strip down and jump on.  (Dirty, I know.)  My mid-week runs have been great; I’ve been running good mileage (6-8 miles) and putting in consistently hard runs with simulated hills, speedwork, and turning my easy runs into progression runs.

My long run has gone the way of the warm weather.  I’m having trouble reaching down and summoning enough strength to stay on the treadmill for 2 hours. Just thinking about it makes me slightly nauseous.  I just can’t.  The racer in me has also kind of taken a backseat; I love to run, but right now, I have little desire to train for a sub-4 marathon, or even a 5K PR.  Right now, I’m finding I’m content to run without expectations or any sort of regiment. I hope this doesn’t mean my Runner card will be revoked.  Especially since I’m still planning on a running tattoo…

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Banana Bread

Banana Bread

(Note:  The above is not my picture, but I thought y’all should have visuals to hold your interest.)


As a runner, I always ALWAYS have a giant bunch of bananas on hand.  Sometimes, they get overly ripe before I get a chance to polish them all off and I learned the very handy trick from my mother to freeze them for loaves of banana bread.  Saturday night found me with an impossible sweet tooth, loads of ripe, frozen bananas…and no eggs. NO EGGS.  What self-respecting runner and cook doesn’t keep her fridge stocked with eggs?  This one, right here.

I found an eggless banana bread recipe here, and it came out extremely sweet and moist and satisfying.  Depending on the size of your bananas (more perversity!), you may need to add a little more milk and butter to thin out the batter a little.  It was easy, quick, and chock full of potassium goodness.  I think I’ll go cut myself another slice…

SHOUT OUT!  Fiance and I checked out this adorably intimate restaurant out in the burbs called Praga.  Very cozy and inviting, and they have really fabulous contemporary food.  Fiance’s two requirements for thumbs-up service is 1) be generous with the bread, and 2) keep his glass filled, and they fulfilled both requirements.  5 stars!


Herbed Olive Oil

Herbed Olive Oil

Lobster in Phyllo

Lobster in Phyllo


Banana Rum Crepes

Banana Rum Crepes


4 Responses to “Treadmill, Dreadmill”

  1. Morgan Says:

    Lobster in phyllo – oh sweet heavens! But really, 6-8mi on the dreadmill is quite an accomplishment in my book. I can barely keep my attention span focused enough to knock out 2. Spring is coming soon!

  2. wollymon Says:

    It’s ok, you’ll get your long run motivation back eventually. As long as you get that tat, you won’t get your card revoked 🙂

  3. jay2far Says:

    8 miles is my max on a treadmill, torture. Hang in there, as they say. The weather here in Sacramento has been mid 60’s for over a week. I’m starting my next marathon training plan on the 27th, but I know what you mean about just running to run. Probably a good thing to just be able to recharge mentally etc. That first sign of warm weather you’ll be busting out the door for a 10 miler. Stay warm.

  4. Samantha Says:

    Oh how I adore crepes! Yum!

    I’d love to give that banana bread recipe a try. Although I do like eggy ones for the protein.

    The dreadmill makes it tough but at least its an option in your crappy winter not so wonderland. The longest I ever went on the treadmill was 11. I did 6, then took a 5 minute break and the next 5. Was pure misery. I ran all through the winters in MI but I don’t recall it being as bad you’re getting.

    Sometimes running without expectations is nice!

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