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25! September 11, 2008

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I am a quarter of a century old!

I started off the day with a wonderful, cool 6 mile run, and then was met with homemade brownies, a balloon-and-streamer-ed desk, and lots of birthday wishes.  Including this:

I guess I am officially “that runner girl” in the office, the one where if you ever get stuck in a mid-conversation awkward silence, the default question to break the ice again is, “So how’s the running going?”  I told my parents my half marathon was this weekend, and then BOTH of them, at different points in the parental catch-up, inquired after whether I had solved the problem of needing to go while I’m running.  What the hell?  Leave my bowels alone, parents!  

(And to my dad – thank you for offering to forward me the $3 check you received from the IRS.  That will go a big way towards making rent this month.)

*   *   *

I made this squash and chicken orzo stew last night.  I’ve been on a big yellow squash kick this summer, and this was a simple, fast, hearty dish I whipped up in one pot.  


Squash and Chicken Orzo Stew

Squash and Chicken Orzo Stew

– 3 medium yellow squash/zucchini
– 3 carrots
– 3 tomatoes, seeded and diced
– 1 medium onion, diced
– lean chicken breast, diced into small cubes
– orzo
– 4 cloves garlic, minced
– 2 large pieces of ginger
– 3 whole scallions, cut into halves or third (you want big pieces)
– water & chicken broth (or chicken bouillon cubes/power)
– pepper

You basically sautee and remove the chicken, then sautee everything else in the pan with the garlic.  Meanwhile, cook the orzo until al dente and drain.  Cover the squash, onion, carrot, and tomato mixture with water or chicken stock (if you are using water, sprinkle in the chicken bouillon cube or chicken powder to taste – it’s just like salt, but with more flavor).  Throw in the giant pieces of ginger and scallions – the flavors will come out with the simmering, so it’s not necessary to mince or dice them, and it makes it easier to remove before serving.  Simmer on low, covered, for about 10-15 minutes, then add both the orzo and chicken.  Season with any additional salt and pepper, and spoon into a bowl to serve.  Garnish with scallions.  Makes a heaping pot of delicious goodness, perfect for the newly chilled weather in Chicago.


9 Responses to “25!”

  1. Eileen Says:

    Happy happy birthday!

  2. tfh Says:

    Happy 25th!

    May this year be wonderful and filled with PRs.
    Welcome to a new (5-year) age group.

    (I just had to continue the theme of you being “that runner girl” not just in the office but also in blogland.)

  3. Tina Says:

    Happy Birthday! I love my 25 almost as much as my 30 but it was always fun to poke fun at my husband when he turned 25 because he hates getting older (I love it but I’m a freak you know). That dish looks yummy today. I might have to try it when I get back from LA!

  4. Morgan Says:

    Happy Birthday!!! That’s sweet that your co-workers celebrate your day. Enjoy the brownies!!

  5. wollymon Says:

    Very tasty looking, Kai! Mmm, foooood.. don’t worry, you’re only a quarter of a century old – still very young 😀

  6. Girl on Top Says:

    That dish looks yummy!

    Good luck on the half!

  7. Samantha Says:

    Thanks for the recipe, my hubs will love it, huge orzo fan!

    *chuckling at the expression of gratitude towards your dad!*

    and most importantly HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Hope it was wonderful!

  8. Tammie Says:

    Whoa, that dish looks super yum. I will definitely have to try it! Hey, Happy Birthday! I hope it was awesome! And good luck at your half this weekend. I know you won’t need luck though. You’ll have a rockin time! Can’t wait to hear about it!

  9. pat monahan Says:

    Great Blog and great pics. I think I’m hungry now. I found you on RWOL.

    Happy Birthday too!

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